1. What slippage should I use for trading fBomb?

    1.5 - 2% slippage. If you cannot get a trade through use firebird.finance.

  2. How much fBomb has been burned?

    As of writing this there are approximately 260m bomb burnt. You can check the burn statistics here.

  3. What is wBomb and legacy bomb? What do I do with these tokens.

    wBomb was created to help reduce some of the problems caused by the burn when used in DEXes. It has been replaced by the new fBomb contract which has additional features like bridging. If you hold wBomb or the old fBomb (link) please migrate it to fBomb here.

  4. What's happening with Bombswap and Shrap?

    Bombswap farms are currently offline (and therefore Shrap emissions are paused). Bombswap v2 will be launched in future but exact timelines are TBD.

  5. What does MCLB have to do with fBomb? MCLB is the DAO that took over development of fBomb after the project was abandoned. They are constantly working to expand the project and add additional farms for fBomb ecosystem tokens.

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