The history of the fBomb token


The fBOMB token was originally created on March 16th 2021, 11:10pm UTC by an anonymous developer nicknamed 'Bob'. A simple 1% burn on transaction token with an initial supply of 1 billion.

The token was very well received by the Fantom community, as it was the first tradeable user created token.


A few days after the launch, the community, unamused due to Bob's lack of interest on the project, had developed a website for and a lottery dapp for fBomb. However, when the token's price arose significantly, the original developer took advantage and sold the supply he held, causing a major hit on its price. After this event, the fBOMB community slowly lost momentum.


On May 25th 2021, the initial investors of fBomb and MCLB gathered together with the goal of reviving the token and making it a relevant project, now with constant development and new leadership.

Since then fBomb now has several new use cases including a cross-chain bridge, multichain farms, lottery games and the upcoming Bombswap v2 DEX. All of these are contributing to the burn.

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