The fBomb token on the Opera blockchain has the exact same, simple tokenomics as its predecessor, BOMB on the Ethereum network: 1% of every transfer's amount is burned forever, effectively creating a naturally deflationary currency.

However, due to high fees and consequently low transfer volume, the original token had its purpose defeated. Now, with the aid of the Fantom network, a deflationary currency can prosper and grow: fBomb. fBomb has already burnt 1/4 of it's supply. To view current burn statistics please click here.

Token Swap

The original fBomb token is currently undergoing a token migration to add additional features to fBomb (such as bridging) and as such should be migrated using our tool as soon as possible. To do so navigate to https://www.fbomb.finance/migrate. There is no associated fee other than the 1% burn.

You can migrate using either your original fBomb or by using wBomb (which is also now deprecated). Once you have wrapped (swapped) you can now bridge bomb multichain to farm among other things.

Bridging fBomb

To bridge fBomb to either BSC, AVAX, ETH, Polygon, FTM, OP or ARB use this link: https://www.fbomb.finance/migrate Make sure you select which chain you want to bridge (migrate) to and then press migrate.

Note: The bridge fee is 1%, along with a 1% burn for 2% total.

Note: If you get a generic 'Traverse failed' message, please ensure you have enough gas (e.g. FTM, AVAX, BNB, etc.)

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